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Other Case Portal / SFDC Connector solution?

Hi everyone.

At my company we are interested in using the Case Portal through the Khoros Community interface to our customers. Right now, they submit cases to us via email only , and it's really not a great way for our Support team. 

We initially purchased Khoros' Case Portal / SFDC Connector solution, only to find out during implementation that, unfortunately, in the "Reply back" function inside salesforce for cases created inside the New Case Form, we cannot add any attachments or images.

This is a deal-breaker for us, since our support team needs a fully functional text editor, where they can format the message and include inline images to our product. Right now, the Salesforce text editor for this case is a simple white box with no formatting possibilities and no attachments available.

Since Khoros' Case Portal is a Salesforce managed package, the SFDC components and functionalities cannot be easily changed, and we have no way from our side to change that "reply back" component.  

Does anyone know of other vendors that provide a Support Case Portal inside Khoros, which connects to Salesforce, but is done so purely via API? This way we assume we will have more control of which SalesForce fields we want to sync with Khoros and are able to set it up properly the way it's better for us.

Thank you!  


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Here we are with the solution what you are looking for. I think in your current implementation, you have Rich Text editor only on case create form but not on comment section at both end(Khoros and Salesforce). And as you mentioned that support reps are not able to add the formatted text and inline images. But we have a solution for this.
There is one more limitation at Salesforce side that customer can not add the files > 25mb of size in the case object. But we have a solution for this limitation also. I have sent you a PM. 

Here are some additional integrations we have: 

  • Khoros-JIRA
  • Khoros-Slack 
  • Khoros-MS Teams 
  • Khoros-Zendesk 
  • Khoros-MS Dynamics  



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Yeah, what Vikas said is pretty much it - You either go with one of the third party partners of Khoros who has developed their own solutions (Grazitti, Italent), or bring in your own developer to build it in-house. (For as much as I prefer in-house solutions when it comes to Community, in this case, use Grazitti or Italent!!). Trying to maintain the utter madness that is SFDC and their changes, it's not worth your own sanity.

Thank you, @StanGromer !

We are already checking with Grazitti their solution, and now I will check with ITalent - never heard of those before. Do you know of any others like them that have their own solution already built? 

@beacampos Those are the two I would trust. There is a few others you could find, but they are utter useless and will leave you in a worse off position (I don't like saying their names as it only gives them better name recognition). Similarly, I would never recommend Khoros professional services for the same reasons. Italent and Grazitti very literally know more about Khoros then themselves, and will be able to provide better, functional solutions for you.


yes, Grazitti or iTalent, we use both in our integrations,

I'm a Dev, but for big integrations they are the best to use, plus a continuous support.

thank you a lot, @irach15 and @StanGromer ! Your replies have been super useful ! We are looking into these options now 🙂 


We use grazzitti for other areas in our community.  For the most part, they are a good company.  The only area of improvement that I've seen is their releases where we have a lot of customization on both their side and ours using SearchUnify.



So I played around with our case portal and found a workaround.

You can send a comment (no attachments) and then also go to the attachments section of the case and it will appear in the Attachments section in the case details on the Khoros case portal.  Just reference the attachment in the comment.


SF Attachments: 


image (118).png



KHoros Case Details Page:  

image (119).png


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