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Outlook integration

Hi, doe Lithium have a MS Outlook (desktop and/or WebApp) plugin/addon? As I understood so far there is some kind of connector. Does it have classic CRM functionalities (adding contacts from emails, setting contact permissions, joining staff members to conversations, etc...) or I must link Lithium with an existing CRM solution for basic CRM functionalities? 

Can it connect to either SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Insightly, Goldmine, Infusionsoft?

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I am not aware of any outlook connectors for Lithium itself and come to think of it, i am not sure what that would actually achieve or what value that would add to the community however Lithium does offer CRM integration. I am unable to comment about any of the crm's you have mentioned however I know first hand about the salesforce crm integration with Lithium. 

Putting my salesforce admin hat on, you could use the outlook connector with salesforce and the lithium to salesforce connector to achieve what i think you want to in that community users would exist in salesforce as contacts and community posts could be cases which you deal with via email in outlook... "is this what you're after...?"

I guess it all depends on what you actually want to achieve with the integration as there are some limitations and if I am totally honest, if you're looking to integrate the community to your crm to enable case management in a high volume support environment then I would personally suggest against using the connector and look at using LSW (Lithium Social Web) as your workflow tool "not cases in sfdc" and then connect LSE with salesforce so you still have that connection and view within your CRM.

Happy to share more of my thoughts and suggest options if you can tell us a little more about what it is you actually want to achieve.  Autodesk, have also integrated their community with sfdc CRM, interesting Gartner paper on it here.




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Hi @marinkatic 


We would love to hear more about your use case, like Fellsteruk mentioned above.  We also offer "Reply By Email" functionality If you are interested in enabling a lightweight way for employees to participate in community.  Otherwise, I would suggest taking a look at our Lithium Social Web social customer response solution here:



- Izabela

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I don't know if this is related, but there is also an Eloqua connector for Lithium. Eloqua is a marketing automation tool that allows you to send emails to contacts. In my case I am using it so that Lithium notifies me when someone goes into the community and does something. Based on some logic that can be created you can then email those people (assuming they are a known email address) and send them an email or several emails.


It is a little different use case than you are looking for perhaps, but it is a powerful feature that I don't think a lot of people know about. Different from an alert in the sense that you can create some pretty complex logic in figuring out what to do with that contact.




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