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Page Load Time

Hi Khoros Community!

I'm Laureline, in charge of Dropbox online community.

We've been having super slow page load time recently (6-7s on average), and we wanted to ask you a few questions that would help us understand where our problem is coming from.

- are you tracking your page load time, and if so what's your average page load time?

- what is your time to first byte?

Thanks a lot!

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Excellent list @cblown

@Laureline,  it might be worth working with Khoros PS on this as well. The way even standard components are used, might impact page load time. Analytics capabilities of PS go beyond those in the toolbox and they might find out, what things cause heavy load on servers. We had done everything to optimize and toolbox couldn't help us anymore.

We track page load time as well and have 3 sec. as a benchmark for an average page load. Average numbers and personal observations from users differ every once in a while, though.

Although the community speed is ok in general, we still dream of a good score from Google Pagespeed (-->SEO).

Cool @JuergenM , that's very interesting.

All the custom components on our community have been designed and developed by Khoros PS team, but still some need optimization, which they are working on at the moment.

That's definitely something we might consider once we've gone through our long list of optimizations 😉

Just adding we saw huge bumps in Lighthouse performance scores right around the end of June (in SpeedCurve). Google updated Lighthouse around this time. So if you are seeing a huge bump in your Lighthouse score it'll be because of that 😉


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