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Page views vs visits

Hi every one, i'm trying to understand the difference between Page Views vs Visits vs unique visitors. I'm not understand these three definitions: 

Khoros page viwes.pngpic visitis.pngunique vis+.png



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Hello @david_rosset


  • A visit is an instance where someone visits a website - the same unique visitor may have multiple visits to a site during any given day (a visit is considered ended after 30 minutes of inactivity on the site)
  • A page view is the number of times a page was viewed.
  • A unique visitor is any unique person who visits a website and views pages.

Also, if someone hasn't enabled cookies, you can't track that individual's activity - so every one of their visits counts as a new unique visitor instead.


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First of all: All page views are unique as there is no concept to consolidate them as there would be for unique visitors versus cumulative visits.

An alternative term to use for visits that might help clarifying the concept is to call visits "sessions". One such visit/session would incorporate multiple pages being viewed (==page views) and it would end with the user logging out of community or not interacting with any community browser tab for more than 30 minutes.

Multiple (return) visits across multiple days in a time period can be associated to a unique visitor if:

  1. the visitor signs in to community
  2. accepted to use cookies
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