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Partner Suggestions for Board Restructure & Labels Implementation

I had recently initiated an effort to implement predefined labels within our board structure. After conducting text mining within each board and doing some initial analysis, we found that we need to start at a higher level and first readdress our board structure. We currently have several boards that are relatively inactive, while others are too broad and should be broken out. Therefore, it did not make sense to implement labels quite yet. 

Has anyone worked with a partner that you would recommend for this type of work? We are looking for a partner to assist with the content analysis and help us in defining a structured information architecture (board structure and predefined labels). Too much work and not enough people in our team so looking for some help here 🙂 Ultimately, we are looking for a partner that is skilled more in Information Architecture and taxonomy design, but also community structure best practices.

We have a large community supporting a complex product portfolio.  Currently, while much of our traffic is organic, a well structured community is foundational in our future strategy to integrate across other support touchpoints. Therefore, we are also looking to align with a global IA. 

I appreciate any suggestions!


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I think you first need a good organizer who will make a plan of action and bring it to life

Thanks, I feel comfortable that we can organize the activity. However, we are looking for a partner to help us do some of the heavy lifting to conduct a content analysis, and then recommend a board structure and taxonomy of labels within each board. 

I know some folks who could do a great job with that! I'm not certain that they still do work on communities, but they certainly used to (when they were part of a different agency, SolutionSet). The new company is Hero Digital. I'd be happy to make an introduction if you're interested.

Thanks @CarolineS! I'd love to hear from them to see if this is something their new agency can help with!


@jmuzzana  - Sent you a PM!

Hi @jmuzzana 

We did a few redesigns and structure  changes (categories/boards/lables) for Lithium Communities. We also strongly recommend user tests together with data as a basis to decide upon structure.  

If you would like to hear more just PM me 



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