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Performance of Responsive on Lithium Platform vs other

Hi All.


Happy 2019! Hope everyone is doing great!


I have something I would like your input on/

We've run an analysis with BOL and one thing they came with was the speed of the page load was considered to be very slow.



Fitbit: SLOW

TalkTalk: SLOW

Workshop: SLOW

Microsoft: AVERAGE

Apple: Average

I have compared with a couple of Lithium Communities and non-Lithium communities and it struck me that all non-Lithium communities were quite fast compared to the Lithium Communities.

Our developer mentioned it might be the base code used by Lithium that has an influencing factor here. 

Has anyone done a similar exercise or do you have inputs as to why we're seeing such a difference on performance across platforms?

Thanks everyone!!


Learning from others and helping where I can!
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Hi Wendy,

great, that you raise this topic here. We are looking at page load as well and we are keen on making Telekom hilft Community faster as you want yours to be faster. We compared our score with the score of the Lithium community and found that the Lithium community does not score higher.

My colleagues in development make extensive use of the toolbox, where they see the load time for each component by page. Then they try to make each component faster, if possible. There are a lot of custom compents in Telekom hilft Community, so we have some kind of influence. @steffenschoene, can you add more detail, how you make use of the toolbox to improve page load? The base code is an influencing factor, yes.

In 18.12 there were SEO improvements based on Google guidelines, which is great. Maybe wee see some general performance improvements based on Google insights in future release. I think, Lithium mentioned something in the roadmap for 2019.




Thanks @JuergenM for your inputs.

We're also looking at component improvements together with Lithium but our developer hinted that we may not see a huge page speed increase because of that. Looking at the Lithosphere and thinking the design here looks quite out of the box (apologies if it is not!) I kind of thought that if an OOB community already ranks low with google speed, it must have to do with the baseline code/server set up.



Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

Yes, I agree. I see it like this: If the whole thing was a car, what we can do is to modify the auto body, make it streamlined and take care which extras we use. That does not optimize the engine or the chassis, which comes from Lithium and where we don't have access.

Hope that the picture is clear in spite of my limited language skills.

Alles klar 🙂 Danke!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

The toolbox helps us only to improve our custom component. You can see there the avrg. loading time and the api calls. Based on that date you may can do some improvements like adding caching ore load data dynamic within the frontend. An other way to improve the page load speed is to load Lithium Components asynchron by JavaScript, but that works for now only out of page context, like regarding to an specific category or board id.

In 18.12 we should get an improved toolbox as well. Maybe we get more useful information to improve custom components, with that update.



looking at the Google Pagespeed Index again, I saw something that is maybe alarming maybe just stunning.

For Telekom hilft Community I found that the Google Page Speed Score for desktop lowered to 81 down from 96 in december. But comparing the figures in detail, I saw that the absolute performance of the site was almost exactly the same as in december. Mobile figures are low as ever.

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