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Permission issues with TKB under Category

I want to create a role and the area I want this role to work on has a structure shown as below and when I am trying to give access of only TKB it does give access to user to that area but that TKB does not show up in Horizontal Menu, but when I give access to see the categories (Category 1) under which that TKB is, it shows that TKB but also allows users to see the Sub Categories (Sub-Category 1, Sub-Category 2) which they don't have access to in Menu bar.

Category 1, Sub-Category 1, Sub-Category 2 does have a custom page associated with them and though when given see categories permission on Category 1, Sub categories show up on menu but when clicked on them only custom page is viewable by user not the document or articles in that area.



Top Category

      Category 1

            Sub-Category 1

            Sub-Category 2




I only want users to see TKB for this role but I am not able to figure out the issue.

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You also need to create new role at level

Sub-Category 1

Sub-Category 2

Remove "see the category" permission to don't allow on this role to see Sub-Category 1 and Sub-Category 2.

Assign the same role to those users whom you don't want to show sub categories.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Hi @Parshant Default permission for those sub-categories is "Deny" so I don' t think that this is necessary but I did try this before posting this question. Is there any other way we can achieve this?

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