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Permission to see "Mark as Spam" option?

We have a group of contractors that we rely on to moderate, answer questions, engage with content, etc. We'd like to allow them to mark content as spam, but we can't find the setting or permission to enable for their role to let them see this option. We've enabled quite a few permissions for moderation and content management, but none of them have made that option available. I can see it in the Options menu for messages as an admin, but when I act as one of these contractor users I don't see the option. Does anyone know the specific setting or permission needed for this?

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This got me thinking that this would be helpful to have non Admin and Moderators have this permission so I did some investigation as I think we might give this permission to trusted members. for our community 

I followed the instructions in this doc under the section titled  Grant Spam Quarantine permissions and it made the Mark as Spam option appear in the menu.

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