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Permissions "Default" column highlighting incorrectly - are others seeing this?

Curious if anyone else is seeing this issue - at least on a category node (haven't tested other nodes), the default permissions are not highlighting correctly in custom roles. See screenshot for an explanation of what I mean.


I've filed a support case but would like to know if this issue is unique to us!

Note: we're on 21.4 (21.4-release r2105241712)


P.S. I SWEAR there was a thread or something about this issue in the past, but I can't find it now!

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Hi CarolineS

I tried my community, which is on version 21.4 as well. The default permission for a new role is working expectedly.

I am not very sure if I understand your question. Let me clarify. In your 2nd screenshot, the 2nd permission is "Grant", which is different with the default permission "Deny". Did you change that? If so, that is working correctly. Because you changed the 2nd permission from Default to Grant, the Default is disabled, not highlighting a color. The Grant is enabled, and highlighting the Green color.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for looking into this, @Chao!

When I say the highlighting isn't working, I mean that the color of the little outline  around the permission in the default column isn't correctly showing the default value. Since the default for the 2nd permission ("Update categories") is "Deny", in the 2nd screenshot showing the custom permissions, the Update Categories permission should have a red outline to indicate that the default is "deny"

This is hard to explain! Sorry! Not sure if my re-explanation makes any more sense than my first attempt :-).

I see what you mean. But in my perspective, it is working correctly. You have changed the 2nd permission ("Update categories") to "Grant". So the default should not be highlighted. The Grant should be highlighted.



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