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Pin OP at the top of each page

I have a user asking why the OP does not appear at the top of every page of a multi-page thread. It doesn't look like this is an option in Admin. I've done a search of this community and I can't find anything that quite fits this request. Has anyone heard of this before? Apparently it's how threads were displayed in the legacy forum we just migrated a large number of users from.

Wanted to make sure this didn't already exist as an idea before I submit it.

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It doesn't work that way out of the box, you may need to build this yourself.

Along with knowing the OP - it would be great if discussions were threaded so you could to reply to anyone within the long disucssion and your question / comment would show up under theirs (@ mention is not enough). Would make long discussions much easier to follow.


Community Manager - Seismic Software

That is possible using the current platform as Airbnb have done it on their Lithium hosted instance. Not 100% sure how it was accomplished but it works for them;


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