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Please Help - Community Member not recognized (SSO issue?)

Good day everyone,

I have a community member who changed their name so we needed to update their email and username. 
I have also gone to Mod Tools to update their SSO ID.
Each time the member tries to log in, they are asked to create a new username: they are not recognized. I can search for and find the member by their new username and email, but they cannot log in.
Here are the resources I have tried:

Have you encountered this?
How did you overcome it?

Thank you for your help and suggestions!


Community Manager - Seismic Software
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Every setup is unique but so long as the SSOID matches on your side, and whats being shown in their user profile after using Edit user it should bring them in under that account. If that isn't working the next step would be a log review on your side followed by engaging support.

One thing I always do is suggest the use incognito/private browsing whenever I updated a users SSO record to rule caching. Mind you I am not overly technical so maybe this step isn't needed but I find it seems to help get users back in 🙂  

I hope this helps!

Thank you @tyw I have bounced between 2 SSO IDs without luck.
Will try the incognito route. Before I opened a case, I wanted to ensure I have turned over all the stones.

Community Manager - Seismic Software

Ah! I just remembered something - we had a issue with one user that ran into this and it was due to the SSOID when added to our system having a space at the end, i.e. ABCD_ <-- With underscore being the space. 

It's a needle in a haystack but something to check out if you copy/paste frequently

Best of luck! 

I will give it a shot - I entered the SSO ID, deleted the final number, then added it back in - fingers crossed.


Community Manager - Seismic Software

Circling back @tyw - that was not the fix, but thank you.

I think I will need to merge two accounts, which does not seem like an easy task. Here is a thread about it. 

I would like to manage this without a support case, but do not think I can.

Community Manager - Seismic Software

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