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Please explain me about how to provide notification when user or contents was mentioned

How does user who mentioned by other user receive notifications when some user mention him(or she) in the post(or comments)?


what kind of notified way lithium provide when user was mentioned other than email notification?



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Test mention @JUNGHEON 


when I mentioned from someone, Can't I receive Notification through Notification Feed?

I think there may be a bug regarding notifications in the most recent release - we've seen issues on our Community where notifications will not appear in the feed for around 15 minutes or so after the post has been made.

In terms of your overall notifications you should receive them via:
- the Notifications feed
- Realtime notifications (these pop up on the screen when there is a notification)
- Email notifications

@JUNGHEON We are also seeing issues with notifications on our community and got feedback from our superusers. I also logged a support ticket. It seems very inconsistent. Either users get the info in their notification but not in the email notification or vice versa. Sometimes they do get notifications about replies or @mentions and them sometimes they don't. In Dutch we say, "er is geen pijl op te trekken" which means as much as "there's no way of knowing" what is happening with notifications. Hopefully it gets sorted out.


But @MarkIGibson summarized it quite nicely.



I can see I got a Mention on the community here, but if the bug infested itself here than anything can happen to any user so it may be you are not getting them at random.


Good luck!


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