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Possible to set up a board moderator/admin to update custom content modules?


I'm wondering if it's possible to set up a board moderator such that they can update custom content modules for that board in the admin console, but not do much else in the admin console.

Thanks in advance!

- Caroline

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Unfortunately, it would not be possible but we have done it a couple of times using API. Now Lithium offers an API to update the custom content text.  

You can create a script to edit the custom content value and keep the edit option on the basis of role. See here

Set permissions only moderator can see this pencil icon.  When clicking on edit icon, a text box will be open like this 

When click on save, this given API will hit to update the custom content text. 

<#assign customContent = 'customcontent.10_text' />
<#assign currentID = 'Test' />
<#assign response = restadmin("/blogs/id/${currentID}/settings/name/${customContent}/set?value=${text?url}") />
<#assign status = response.@status />


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Hi Caroline,

I love VikasB's API edit option!  There is a way to set up permissions for that moderator on that specific board to update custom content via the Community Admin.  You would need to create a role at the board level and grant "Update forums" and they will be able to edit the custom content in that board alone.

However, the caveat is that the moderator will have options to edit additional settings outside of the Custom Content modules in the Admin (just in that board).  It's worth a try if you trust they won't update some of the other minor settings for the board.

While my suggestion is a less-technical workaround with a caveat, I really think updating via API as VikasB suggested is a great option.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Fantastic, thank you both! In this case, I trust the board moderator and can give him some extra permissions; I just don’t want to make him a global admin. So I’ll try @LarryI’s solution first!

@LarryI Curious if you have any idea around your solution for advanced HTML/CSS?  For example, we have a category page w/ a nice looking table we built via Adminstrators - Problem is we have no ability for anyone except an admin to edit it.  Even if we give Allow/Grant access to every permission on the user within that specific board, they get stuck with the TinyMCE editor, and upon saving all advanced html/css is stripped out.

@VikasB Does using the API allow for anything to be passed, or similar to above do you happen to know if it will not work/strip out advanced HTML/CSS. 


@StanGromer - that TinyMCE editor that mysteriously appears as the admin custom content editor drove me nuts for a while (especially since it strips out any formatting you may have added!!). But - happily, there's a permission to fix that one. At the top level of your community (not in any particular node), you can set the "Add anything to Custom Content" permission. You can do this on a role or on a particular person, I believe.



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