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Posts vs Members


I've been thinking about what would be the ideal number for a healthy community in terms of number of postings vs total members? The ratio of postings vs total members for my community now is 1:10. Is this very concerning?

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Hi @batman,


That really depends on what type of community you are building. 


If you have a support-based community, it might be healthy that members are finding what they need without having to post. 


For a community of interest (like Workshop) it might be concerning though, as we want as many people joining in the discussion as possible.  And of course it would beg the question - why are people signing up and not posting? Are their hurdles in the way that need to be removed? How can we encourage members to make their first post?


One general statement: it is not unusual for people to sign up to a community and never post. Most people lurk. But it constantly surprises me that people sign up to lurk, as you can freely read posts in most communities without signing up. 




Hi @batman 

As @JasonHill mentioned it is not only about posting, most users just "consume". 

What we started to do is to have a look at the Monthly active User rate (MAU) so we try to see if Users in a certain cohort (register date) come back in month 1/2/3 etc. (has to be the logged in state as we only can extract this numbers from Lithium admin, but active does not mean only posting). With this information we then try to "reactivate" users that are registered but inactive after a certain time. 

If you use an additional tool such as google analytics you can also track new users vs. return visitors (not only logged in users as mentioned above) which also gives you an idea how "loyal" your users are.  

With als this information you can start to develop a plan  how to approach those different users in a different state...and maybe some of them start to post 😉 



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