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Prevent search results link decoration

This never used to happen, but now when I click a link from the search results page, the URL of the next page has search parameters appended to the URL.



I couldn't find a setting to turn this off in Community Admin > System > Search. Is this a bug? What is the purpose of passing search parameters to the next page? The problem is that I'm constantly sharing URLs to pages and embedding links in articles and I don't want all that extra stuff in the URL.


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Just chiming in to say that I dislike the search results URL decoration too! Definitely a new-ish thing that has popped up.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

For the life of me I cannot think why we would add the search query parameters to the second (or third, or fourth, etc) page unless it was some kind of Advanced Search where when you clicked the link you went directly into the post (and it was located in the 2nd or 3rd page in the thread).

My understanding is that whenever you clicked a Search result that the query string would carry over when you went to the page where the result lived.  However, when you visited subsequent pages in the thread, the query string would not continue.

Perhaps open a Support ticket to double-check on whether this is a bug or not.  Maybe it is 'expected behavior' with something else in mind that should (or will?) be happening, but we should know more about what is actually in mind if that is the case.  

Yeah, it's getting annoying because now as people are sharing URLs with others, they all have that long ugly string of parameters at the end. I just opened a bug ticket for it.

This issue was resolved after raising a support case. Thanks.

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