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Prevent sending emails on some badges

Is it possible to prevent sending emails to users for some badges? For instance, as people gain solutions badges, they get an automated message when they get a '10 solutions' badge, but if they get to 500, I may want a community manager to reach out to them personally and not get the automated email. Has anyone discovered a way to short-circuit that email send?

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Community Manager

Great question.

I don't know if there's any way to prevent sending emails for specific ranks (I believe they're all on or off). 

However, could you reach out to them personally for higher ranks as an addition to that email going out?

You should be able to include notifications to other email addresses when a rank notice goes out to a member.

You could add yourself to those notifications, and for higher ranks, reach out with an "I also wanted to send a personal congrats for hitting X rank! Keep up the awesome contributions! :)"

Hi Blake,

I'm not as concerned with Ranks as Badges. We do reach out on Ranks but that's a bigger win. I'm also thinking about lower-level rank ups and badging based on some research that Richard did over at Feverbee. One of his clients saw a decrease in retention if more emails were sent in the beginning vs less. Think about getting a "new rank", "welcome", and "got your first badge" all in the same 2 days.  There are ways to build your ranks to avoid that, but it could be more interesting to batch them into one welcome email with all the things you won. But that means you still want the user to get the badge (yeah!) but intercept the outbound email and *waves hands* do something with them. Just wondering if there was a way to allow some customization here.


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