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Private Group Access

Khoros newie over here. We just launched our community in August and are looking at ways to make it more valuable to the users of our app. We've also been testing out a VIP program and one idea we have is to give VIP members access to a private group in the community. 


We anticipated this as a cause case and created a private forum specifically for our VIP users. However, we don't have a data integration currently set up, due to resource constraints from my technical team.


So, I'm wondering if there are workarounds for providing access to a private forum, perhaps with a link?

It looks like I can also create a role with that as a permission and add members to that role, is it possible to do that at scale - for potentially thousands of members? 

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Hi @juliannavorhaus,

 You can certainly create a private board(s) for your VIPs. You just hide it from lists and menus, make sure the default settings for "See forums" are deny for normal members at that board level, but are set at allow for your VIPs with the appropriate role. You can bulk add users to a role once the board(s) are set up. 

Follow the directions in the articles I've linked to, and please let us know if you have any trouble.





Welcome @juliannavorhaus !

In addition to @JasonHill 's solution I would suggest using a group hub as an alternative. In a group hub you can have a blog, a TKB or ideas as well as a forum. That would offer some more communication opportunities with VIP members, if you want to do that.

Group hubs can be closed or hidden, which would meet the setting, Jason described for the private board.


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