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Private Messages selecting inbox or sent click the Amazon a and to see the compose box hover over?



Find it very odd that in private messages,  the selector for inbox or sent is a Amazon a and it is confusing to our members to see a blank box you have to hover over to realize you have to click it in order to compose a message.

Are others seeing this as well?  Has anyone heard of changes coming to resolve this?



System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya
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Can you share a link to which community site you're seeing this on? Does this happen in other browsers too?

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Hey Drew

Unable to send link as it is a private community.  Yes, tried other browsers and same results.  We are on version 20.10 and it was after the upgrade we noticed the change.  The image I attached shows what we are seeing.


We shared this with our TAM, but haven't heard anything about a fix as of yet.

System Administrator / Datto - Kaseya

By the looks of it this seems to be an Amazon browser toolbar or plugin malfunctioning and applying the link styling wrongly here. Can you rule out that it's a browser addon interacting with that link?

That being said: Your formatting of the inbox dropdown and the menu dots looks like it lacks some correct styling. It could be as easy as the Compose icon lacking the right colour and it is currently showing white on white background. You would need to investigate using your browser's web developer tools and inspecting the element.

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