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Private boards @mention

Our superusers are wondering if there is a way to limit the @mentions to only people that have rights to the private group. Currently in the our private group, if you select to @mention someone, all names come up. This could lead to someone being @mentioned that shouldn't be. I assume they would get an access denied if they tried to go to the post, but it would be better if it only pulled from allowed users in the Insider Circle to reduce risk and confusion. Not sure if this is possible or if this belongs in the idea section? 




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@tmarshall : As per my knowldge there is no option to restrict mention feature for board level.Kindly check this Article for more information.


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Abhishek Illindra

Hey @AbhishekIlindra


Yes, the community team and I have reviewed, along with the related articles about @mentions. There are no specific articles related to this  specific question which is why I posted it, but it does not sound like it is possible to restrict @mentions to just those who are members of a private board based on the information that is on hand. 


Perhaps @EricT can do a bit of research Man Wink with the product team, or this question needs to be turned into an idea? 

As far as I am aware it is not possible. We have had instances where @mentions were made of staff who were not part of our superuser group (similar to this one).

That resulted in notifications that could not be opened. Put in an idea and I will pop support behind it.

Support also confirmed this is not an option and recommended an idea.


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