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Problem with role permission display: Bug

This is just FYI in case you haven't noticed this bug.  I've had a support case open on this since the 20.1 update and while talking with my support rep, she said no other customer has reported it.  I was hoping it would go away in 20.3 but it hasn't.  Khoros can reproduce it.   I'm posting here because if you're doing role permission changes this could mess you up.  

The problem is that if you change a role permission to default, it shows the wrong permission status.  Here's what happens:

  • View a specific role permission where the default is deny, but in the role it is grant.   
  • In that role, change that grant to default.   
    • The default shows green (grant) even though the default is red (deny). 
  • Save that permission and it still shows green (grant) in the default column.
  • Exit that role permissions page (by loading another), then come back to it.  NOW it shows as red (denied) in the default column.  

This is quite confusing when trying to adjust role permissions.

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I'm glad you posted this!

I was working with our TAM to review some permissions recently and noticed this too. I've been meaning to open a support ticket for it. If you want to PM me your support ticket number, I'll see if I can recall the details of what I was seeing and will open a new case referencing yours.

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YES. I thought I was going crazy when I first saw this. Really needs to be fixed to avoid permissions errors (which can be serious if private info ends up showing up publicly).

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