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Products in multiple categories/forums

Hello everyone,

Today we completed the first part of the community management track for our new community and immediately encountered a problem:

We are a manufacturer of electronic products and these products can be classified into different categories. We would like to have a separate forum for each product within different categories. Let's say we have the categories: Garden and Home and the products: Window, Door and Dog. While the window, door and dog fit into the house category, the dog also fits into the garden category.

What we did: We created the category House and Garden. The category House has the forums Window, Door and Dog. Garden has the forum: Dog.

How do we make the posts on Dog that were made in the Garden category also appear in the House category? We have tried using labels, but the labels are always limited to one category.
How can I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot

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Hi Max,

It is currently not possible to cross-post content across multiple boards. There are some third party syndication options out there, but they require significant customization to the platform and might not be feasible.

More info:

Here's an idea to vote on:


Community Manager \\ NetApp


Take a look at the Products feature. You can create Window, Dog as Products and they can be shared across the community forums

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