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Profile Component: Content Authored vs Content Participated

Former Jive Customer here who just moved to Khoros.

Our members are really upset they don't have the tab on the Khoros community that shows all content that a user authored and allows you to choose between Authored, Drafts, Participated, Recently viewed, Recommended and All. 


All Content via Avatar MenuAll Content via Avatar Menu

Here you see the Your Content menu option via the user Avatar

All Content via Profile PageAll Content via Profile Page

Here you can see same content displaying in a different way from the profile page, specifically from the Content tab.

Has anyone found a way in Khoros to implement? 

Members like being able to see all content sorted by oldest to newest. By specific content types. By tags. By latest activity newest to oldest or oldest to newest. 

The latest posts components don't show content in a similar format and even advanced search has no way to sort like this jive page does. This is probably the most complained about thing so far on Khoros. 

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Totally agree. For members with hundreds of pieces of content either created or participated this activity feed on the profile page is virtually unusable. You can't search it or filter except by 2 very broad options Participated/Contributed. We were hoping that something might come on roadmap to make a personalized view of a user's content so they can do the sorting, filtering by content type, search within their content etc that we now miss so much from JX. 

As an interesting aside I did see in Studio that there are some interesting components under the heading User Profile here which we are going to investigate and if this works we may just ditch the OOB profile activity feed and use a combination of some of these which might give more granularity to that view:


Senior Community Manager | Strava

@elbranscomb Yes this seems to be one of the biggest pain points of members since the move. It seems when you do get an advanced search you get all content they posted whether authored or participated but it only shows 100 pages of results.  We have content from 2008 that people want to browse to based on date posted. 100 pages for our really active members only gets them to November of 2019 or so. If you search you can "find" things from 2019-2008 but you have to know what you're looking for. With JX they could browse page by page back to the day of their first blog article, discussion post, poll, video, document etc. We only have Blogs, Discussions and TKBs(no members can post yet) on Khoros so our scope is really limited. All migrated content was migrated into a Blog Article or Discussion Topic format.

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