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Profile Plus Personalized Content Feed

How long does it take for the Profile Plus Personalized Content Feed component to display content based on my community activity (not social/interests)?



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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @EmDunn,

There are a few factors that play into what we display in the Personalized Content Feed. Recommendations are continually updated, but the list of community topics the Recommendation Engine looks at refreshes only once daily. In addition, we need a certain set of Community activity tracked for the user before we can provide personalized recommendations (which makes it hard to give a hard and fast timeframe for when a user will see the personalized content). Because personalized recommendations are calculated based on the click history and community topics of a given user, they will populate whenever a relevant post is detected. This can take longer in the case of a new user without a click history, a user who is interacting with a new topic, or a community without matching content.

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