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Public Examples of Well-Done TKBs?

I'm looking for inspiration for how to leverage the TKB feature - is anybody aware of public instances of TKBs that are well-executed?

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You're welcome to check out our community and decide for yourself whether TKB has been well implemented. 🙂

Here's two of our TKB sections:




Wow this is impressive and helps get my mind out of the box.  Thanks! 


Hi @keithkelly, hope you are doing well!

If @JasonHillresponse answered your question, please feel free to mark it as an accepted solution!

I got a handful of different ones built over the years, feel free to ask any questions.

This one technically events node but we have the same component used across all node types (This is one of those general annoyances to me in a khoros - No reason every node tote needs to look visually different).

Technically our entire Academy is built on TKBs


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