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Publish older version of blog post

Is it possible to roll back and/or publish an older version of a blog post with v3? I know we could copy/paste by viewing previous versions but was looking for a one-click type solution. Thanks.

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Assuming correct permissions, the author can look at the article history and re-publish a previous version.

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Hi @MattYap ,

When I view the history either by clicking the View History when viewing the article in the dashboard,


or viewing all history (from the edit screen)


I do not see a way to re-publish a specific version. I am an administrator so would assume I have permissions. Is there an option missing from our pages?


@Ryan_Gilmore  - When you view history of an article, you should see a list of versions. You should be able to open (edit) any previous version and re-publish it. If this does not appear/work, I recommend opening a Support ticket. You should also confirm that your Admin role includes the new workflow permissions if you've recently updated to the newest versions of Blog/TKB.

Thanks @JohnD , I've opened a support ticket.

Support informs me that we are not able to re-publish an older version of a blog post with v3. The (partial) response:

"We have verified the functionality in our core instance as well and with the blog v3, we don’t have any option to publish the older version of the blog.

We only have the option to compare the changes from the older to the new version. But we don’t have any functionality to publish the older version."
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@Ryan_Gilmore Yes, that is correct. we do not have a way to restore previous versions in v3. OOTB it was the same behavior in v2 as well. 

Ability to restore a previous version is in our backlog. 

Can you please share your use case where you want to do this and how often do you encounter such a situation to restore a previous version? These details will help evaluate the enhancement further. 

Hi @SohilM . An author lost the formatting within a post (not sure how). Republishing from a previous version would have saved him the time and effort of having to edit. He thought this used to exist and inquired about it which led to my question (since I couldn't find any reference to having that ability).

I think the need to republish an older version (for us) is low though I do not have any data to back that up.

I'm checking with one of editors to see if she has any additional insights. Thanks.

@SohilM I came to Atlas today to ask the same question as @Ryan_Gilmore and was lucky to stumble upon his post, because we’re experiencing the same thing. Our users (particularly our moderators and super users) have been particularly frustrated at this functionality gap, as it was heavily utilized by them when we were on JX. 

Our primary use case is very similar to Ryan’s, where a user inadvertently does something that messes up their formatting (i.e. underlying CSS) and publishes the new version thinking they can roll back as needed, but then finds themselves trapped when they can’t. 

Because many of our moderators were also accustomed to the Overview Page editor in JX and Studio/FreeMarker is well beyond their technical expertise, they’ve lost a lot of their page management abilities and independence in Khoros, having to rely on my team of admins/developers much more frequently for even minor changes. (They’re all VERY excited for Aurora!)

As such, we have implemented some TKB articles in restricted boards where the moderators can design their pages and we then use custom components to retrieve the message bodies and use the HTML to populate the actual pages. 

But if they make an inadvertent change that breaks a page element (e.g. they tweak something in HTML mode and accidentally delete a closing div tag) and publish a new revision, it becomes panic time as their page is broken and they can’t roll back their change. 

So this is why, at least for us, the ability to restore previous versions is a crucial functionality. 

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@Ryan_Gilmore @jeffshurtliff Thank you for sharing the details. As I mentioned earlier, we have this in the backlog. Also, we are considering this enhancement as part of Aurora. 

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