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Quantity of subscribers per topic



I saw a thread of 2014 regarding this but then it was not possible to know how many subscribers there were to a thread/topic. Do we have an API call for that now? 


Thank you so much ahead.




Online Community Officer

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To make an API to see how many people subscribed to a topic



Slightly different question on the topic. I'd like to see how many people subscribe to an entire board and who they are. 

The Admin metrics don't provide this and the only way to get this is thr the API, correct?  

Olivier - PTC

@adriana4u  did you ever figure this out? I know how to get the number / list of subscribers to entire boards via the API, but I can't figure out how to learn how many / who are subscribed to topics.


Hi, did you ever figure this out? currently looking for this same thing. @adriana4u @CarolineS @olepord 

@ricardo_marqeta - Support was able to run a query for me to tell me how many people subscribed to topics each week of the past few weeks (which was what I asked for). They couldn't differentiate between people who subscribed to topics by actually clicking "subscribe" vs those who replied to a topic and were auto-subscribed as a result.

I didn't ask for the list of people who subscribed to topics, but maybe they can provide that too.

Hope that helps!

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