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Question on marking posts as solved...

Hey folks.  New Lithium Community Manager here.  I'm managing/building a Lithium site within an enterprise for internal customers.  I'm still trying to wrangle some of my team members building content.  I've noticed a few of them have a tendency, while we're trying to get content into the site, to submit a post to a board with both the question and the answer.  They often put the question as the subject and the answer as the body.


This is bugging me for two reasons.


1.  These posts eternally show up in a "Unanswered Questions" component we built.

2.  To mark them as "Solved" I'd have to reply with something generic and mark the reply as solved.


My question is... how do you handle this?  


A. Coach the person to create the post in a knowledge base rather than a board? Also move the post.

B. Just leave them that way.

C. Hack up a way to mark a single post as a solution?





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@fgilro200 -

A question regarding this,


1. Is this happening only on one board? if not, how you will differentiate that there is an answer in the body as it could be normal post as well. 


I assume if this is happening only on one board, you can simply customize the Unanswered Question Widget and restrict it to show that particular board posts. This will take minimum efforts. 


Give kudos if you find my posts helpful or mark solution if it answers your query.

It is only happening on one board right now, but I suspect it will be a general problem on others.  I noticed today that my site isn't allowing me to Move a Board post to a Knowledge Board, which seems counter-intuitive. I'm also wondering if others have experienced that.  Right now it feels like my only choice is to re-create the post in another area.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

If you’re referring to a discussion, you can turn that into a knowledgebase article without having to move it. Are you familiar with the “Start an article” workflow from a discussion?

No I wasn't familiar, but I'll sure go check it out now 🙂



Actually, now I'm not sure this is considered a "discussion".  It was a post on a board/forum with no comments originally. Can you point me to a resource on "discussions"?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Perhaps I should use “topic” as the correct wording.

If you are in a forum topic/discussion, if you have the workflow enabled, under the “options” drop down you can click “start article”. This is permissions-based, so you must have the proper permissions to do so (but if you’re an administrator you will).

Here’s more information on starting an article:
Or nominating for an article (for users that don’t have permission to start one on their own):

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