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Questions about Community syndication

Hi everybody, 


I have at least two (maybe no-brainer) questions about community syndication:

1. Once a selection of featured posts has been made, is this selection for ever?

2. I would like to create several lists for different topic which I would like to embed on our productpages. Is that possible?


Thx for your help



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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CKummer , The GML syndication list is a dynamic list. Once you have selected appropriate filters and sorting, all posts complying to the selection will be populated. If a new post complies to the selection, it will become part of the list.

We can discuss further in detail. You may PM me.


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

For your second question - the answer is yes! It is especially easy if you have a ProductID or some variable that you can insert into the Syndication snippet. That way you can reuse the same code for many different product pages without having to create it separately for each if you can pass that variable from the page somewhere.

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