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Quick question about user reports by message board

Hi all,

Am I able to pull the user reports for a specific message board?

I can currently get the stats for a particular user (ex. Posts, replies, bravos) for all the message boards but want to understand their activity just in one board alone. Is that doable?





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Hi Alan (@akot96)

Unfortunately user reports cannot be honed down to a particular board - the stats are for the entire community.  


Could you tell us what you are trying to learn from that reporting and we might be able to suggest another approach?







Hi @JasonHill ,

I am trying to learn how active a select group of customers are. Ideally, it would only be in one specific board... Alternatively, can we find out the user reports for a specific list of customers without going one-by-one?



For a group of customers it is easier Alan. Just include Role in your user report and filter by role. I'm presuming that this group has a unique role - if they don't, then you might have to make up one and manually assign it to them. I do this for super user reporting.  


@JasonHill Back on the specific board piece, is it possible to export a list of all the posts that went into that board during a time frame?

Trying to measure what types of questions are being asked on there by our superusers.

I think you'll want to use LSI for this (not sure what it's called now... Khoros  Community Analytics?). For more info:

Be sure to go to the "Content" section and click down into the board you're interested in. Then click the "members" tab within the report and you'll see people who have viewed / posted in that particular area.

@CarolineS is right as always - I always forget about the filters in LSI. That will help you get the top members in each board by things like page views, posts, likes, etc. The big limitation for me is that there's only six months worth of stats. 

Regarding exporting a list of posts @akot96 - you can export from Search. (Although you might need to get support to turn on this functionality for your admins/mods). 




Probably more accurate to say “@CarolineS right as sometimes” 😛

and yes the 6 month limitation is frustrating! To clarify though - I believe all the data is there, you can just only pull it for 6 mos at a time.

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