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Rank Name Ideas?

My company is in the process of implementing Lithium for a community for users that purchase our technology-based training offerings.  The goal of the community is to encourage the students to interact and learn from each other in addition to the classroom and online based trainings we offer.  We are a very heavy technology focused company so I am struggling to come up with a "theme" for our community and looking for some suggestions on names that we can use for our Ranks within the community and ideas that will then translate into badges, etc.  I have been given the suggestion by higher-ups that we should go with a Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Gamer theme.  We thought about an adventurer theme or even like brainy/scientist, but those didn't seem to work.  Any ideas on rank structure for a sci-fi / fantasy type theme?  

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What about a nod to fandom (SciFi/Fantasy) tv shows and movies?


Such as calling the ranks things like:

  • Trekkie
  • Browncoat
  • Whovian
  • Thronies
  • Ringers
  • Truebies
  • Toastersa6094e7910c1a6faeebaf9b6e4714b6a.jpg







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@KateF but how would you order them so you go UP in rank?! There is a correct order but I am confident that my correct order will differ from some other (very wrong) individuals.

Clearly @DanK, any reference to Star Trek must be the pinnacle of existence, because it is the best of the best Smiley Tongue


But it would have to be in an order that works for them or perhaps go from newest fandom to oldest? Most people would identify with the more modern shows and movies than say someone who grew up on TOS and the original Batman for example.


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