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Rating & Review add on and gamification

In the Formula Kedudukan -field you can define several criteria but is there anything related to R&R ? For example, if user write a review he/she get´s a badge or a rank?

Our idea is for example: member write a review and after that he/she get´s automatically email or PM and there is voucher to our webshop.


Edit: There is rule "Review´s" --> "Reviewing a product"  or "Commenting on reviews" and member can earn badge. Can we use this somehow?


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@TeroRe - From the list of available badge rule metrics here, it doesn't seem to allow what you're looking for. However, if you can trigger a role and then add the complex formula's here, you can achieve that.

To trigger the role - how are the ratings and reviews setup in your community? Are they default or custom? You need to see if they provide any OOTB triggers which you can use to add the roles. If custom, could you provide more details on how they are setup?

I hope this helps.

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Thanks @VarunGrazitti.

I mentioned I founded this from Admin, what does this mean? User gets a badge just by reading review?

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.42.26.png


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According to the metrics definitions document the metric for reviews created would be review_reviews. Unfortunately that is currently not an activity metric supported as a badge rule.

But let's take a moment first to discuss your approach for sharing vouchers:

You wouldn't be able to use the voucher code in the badge description as that would be visible to everyone, even those who haven't unlocked it yet. I guess you are aiming for a custom badge notification email which a member would receive once they unlock the badge for their first review. This would mean that there is one voucher code for everyone unlocking this badge though. Would that work for your scenario?

Maybe a different way to approach this would be adding a custom component to the reviews area in your community. It would use the Lithium Community API to obtain the number of reviews created by the currently signed in user and show a thank you note, voucher codes and instruction for redeeming the code if certain contribution criteria is met.

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