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Re: Customizing Welcome Email Response for new users that register to our community...

Hello, wonderful Lithosphere community 🙂

Can anyone help me out on this? I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can customize the Welcome Email response that new users get once registering for our community?

Right now, it's a pretty generic response, and to get new users to feel more comfortable engaging in our community right off the bat, I'd love to create a more welcoming email with a list of tips, tricks, and links that they can utilize!

Is there a way I can do that in Community Admin?

(For context, I'm a relatively new Community Manager taking over an already established 'mature' online community of over 10 years)

Thank ya in advance!!

J-Net Community Manager
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It's easy when you know how @jhaze.  (The only caveat to the information below is that it only applies if your community uses Lithium registration. If you have an SSO, then you'll need to investigate on your side of the fence how to trigger an email...)


You need to go to your Stage instance and then navigate to Studio. Then click on Text Editor, and Email text. Then use the drop down to select the Email Template. The one you are looking for is called Registration Confirm.  Typically it just asks users to confirm/verify their email address, but you can certainly use it like we have to welcome users to the community and offer some tips.


The trick is the balance between too much information early on and not enough. So you might want to just focus on one or two key actions that you want new users to perform, rather than bombarding them with a lot of information. You might instead have a series of helpful tips and tricks triggered by rank changes. 


Hope that helps.




Hi Jason -

Thanks so much! That makes sense, we have members that are both internal to our company, as well as external. So i guess that means we utilize both SSO and Lithium registration.

I'm assuming there's a way to manually select external member email addresses to customize email text?

Finally, thanks so much for the pro-tip, I have a default email that I created that kind of jam-packs a ton of resources! ahhh, gotta go back to the drawing board to reduce the amount of links... 🙂

J-Net Community Manager

Ah no, you either use Lithium's default built-in registration system, or SSO. It can't be both @jhaze.


In the admin under System, tell us whether this is checked or not:


Turn on Lithium single sign-on (SSO)






Hi Jason -

"Turn on Lithium single sign-on (SSO)", is checked. 

I wonder if I should un-check this as I work internally to figure out a way to customize an email and send it out for all of our new external members.

J-Net Community Manager
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

No! Please don't do that. It'll do more harm than good when it comes to your user experience, and it's not a good idea to do that without talking to your technical people first.



No, please don't do that. I was just asking so we would know whether you have SSO or not. As @BeckyS said, you now need to do some internal investigations and find out people in the organisation you can assist you. I can sympathise with the position you are in. In my first role with a Lithium platform I inherited a mess with no documentation and no handover. But you will need to take the time to get a full grasp on how your community works and integrates with other internal systems before making changes.


Good luck!




Has there been any update or progress on triggering a welcome email for communities who use SSO?

We are in the process of trying to do this too. 

Community Manager at AppDynamics

We do this manually via Marketo. Twice a week we export the list of new users from Khoros (user report) and import into Marketo to send a “welcome” email. 

One of these days we will integrate the systems so this can happen automatically.... 

@i_am_ryan @CarolineS 

Yep, I do the same thing that Caroline does, the only diff is we use Asset Builder/Eloqua to send out our welcome emails. Okay cool, atleast I'm not the only CM going through this lol


@JasonHill Maybe we can sync up for a 1:1 chat whenever you have the time. I'd like to pick your brain on how you overcame those obstacles early on in your career. 

J-Net Community Manager

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