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Recent/last reply in a thread - bug?

Hi there, 

I'm quite sure that I'm not the only one who is putting the question about recent/latest replies here. 

1. If I click through a multiple pagethread I haven't read before on the third reply on the second page I would think that next time I click on the thread I would land on the fourth reply on the second page. But the system always takes me to the next page. 

2. I have read all replies in the thread come back and I click on the thread a again it takes me to the initial post of the very first page and not the the last reply on the last page. 

Is it a but or can anyone confirm this? 

Kind regards


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Hi Christoph,


For 1, I imagine that the system thinks you read everything on the page and that's why it's taking you to the next page?

For 2, I see the same in my own community, so I imagine this is by design. Your workflow is interesting though, and I can see why a user might want that. There is an option in the User Settings to see the reverse order of the thread (newest first), if that helps.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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