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Record of ban messages

When an administrator bans a user from the profile page, the admin has the option to send a private message ("Public reason for ban") to the user. Admins can navigate to Mod Tools > User Bans to see the list of users that have been banned—but where can administrators find the messages that were sent? (Note that we do not currently have Moderation Manager enabled in our instance.)


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Hi @StefanieSand 

As far as I know, the public reason for ban is not a private message to the user.

Read here

Public reason for ban: enter the text to display on the banned page the next time that user attempts to log in (e.g. "violated TOS" or "spam"). Only the banned user will see this text.

Note: When creating the public ban reason, you might want to include: the violation and reason for ban, example of violating post, date of ban and time (days) until ban expiration (if not indefinite), link to the guidelines, and reminder to refer to the guidelines in the future.

So it seems more like  text string that's generated and dsiplayed when the user logs in after the ban was created.

If you have a stage site, you could test this yourself by bannen a test user account and then logging in with that user account..

Let me know if this helps.


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Thank you! This was a very helpful response; it caused us to rethink our practice.

Our testing indicates that the "public reason for ban" message displays in a box that the banned user sees the next time they access the site.

We were hoping for an area where all of the banned users and the "public reason" messages display in the same spot (ideally at Community Admin > Mod Tools > User bans).

But we can work with this!


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