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Redirecting to newer content?


We previously hosted some video content in a forum-based section. Due to a business case we created a new section for similar content based around blogs.

The majority of our search engine traffic is going to the older posts, which we'd like to remove in favour of the new section. I'm wondering if anybody has experience of similar, I have 2 questions related to this:


  • If you've ever removed content that appears first on a Google search, does the 2nd content listed then move to the top?
  • Is there a way (without initialization scrips) to redirect from each of these posts to the newer/different versions?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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@Kev_BFor the first point, you can update robot.txt file to prevent its indexing in the google search(  Have a look at this discussion
Here is the Robot.txt file documentation
For the second point, yes you can set redirection in Studio > Advanced > Page Initialization sectionIt will require some coding efforts.

<#if = 'BoardId' && = 'ForumPage' >
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