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Referral links?

Hi all!

I’m looking to track referrals to our community from our sales team (individual sales team members). Has anyone found a good solution for custom per-person referral links? I know there are 3rd party platforms that do such things; has anyone had luck with these integrated with a community? Or found a way to do it within lithium? I was also contemplating perhaps using utm codes and google analytics as a quick-n-dirty solution; thoughts on that?


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My company uses Adobe Analytics (Omniture) across all web properties so we utilise that for these kinds of purposes by adding variables to links. In a previous project we wanted to track Social > Community transactions so we gave our agents links that included an agent specific value (to split reporting down to agent level) and a project value (making it easy to filter reports).

An alternative is to just give each agent a unique short link and monitor the click throughs (understanding that link shortening tools are often overcounting clicks as analytics platforms actively attempt to filter out bots and other **bleep**ty traffic).

Gold as always, @DanK! Thank you!!


It's pretty easy to use Google and Adobe Analytics to examine referral traffic, including using custom referral tracking codes.

Here's how:

Once you have referrers or affiliates that plan to link to your site, you can ask that those affiliates append a unique tracking ID to the end of the URL. For example, I'll use the following referral ID's to track metrics from user1 and user2 websites to Example communty or site.

After you've seen some traffic build up from those affiliates, you must create two Custom Advanced Segments in Google Analytics.

You can also examine conversion driven from the affiliate.


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Thank you, @Parshant! I wasn't aware of the option to use "ref=" as opposed to UTM codes. Is there a benefit to using ref over utm?

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