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Regression test examples on a new community version?

Hi ya'll -

Wondering if any of you have a standard set of regression tests you run when your community staging site is upgraded. If so, it would be amazing if you'd share your tests!

I generally poke around somewhat haphazardly and test / document the new features, but this isn't always adequate. For example, today when writing up documentation on the new-to-us-in-19.6 "category subscription" feature, I stumbled across the fact that our hamburger menu is blank across our entire community. This would have been rather embarrassing to release into the wild.

In summary... any sample tests or best-practices around handling Khoros Community releases would be most appreciated!

- Caroline

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Is there a workaround where I can use the close button in the hamburger menu now that the community navigation OOTB is not there anymore?

I had previously used the close button which was incorporated in the slide out menu. Now that the hamburger is blank, how do I get the close button?



Sahana B.G.



I have been trying to load a component called "community.widget.navigation". I think the component is not loading due to an error that is being thrown by angular (Screenshot attached). This problem started occurring from the day the platform was recently upgraded. Is anyone having the same issue?



Sahana B.G.

I noticed this issue when our staging instance was upgraded to 19.6 and opened a support case. I also asked that they don't proceed with the production update to 19.6. The status is Bug Identified but no ETR. 


I have heard from our TAM that the blank menu issue only affects staging instances, not prod. We are going to hope that is indeed the case and move to 19.7. 


I generally have a decent poke about as well, I use the 3 PC desktop browsers along with my iPad and Samsung s10+ and just mirror everything I do to ensure it's working seamlessly across the board. I do make sure I go through all the release notes and check everything in those too.

Interestingly, we didn't get 19.6 at all, going from 19.5 to 19.7, so not sure what happened there. So I'll be well occupied when it hits our staging environment! 🤣


Cancer Council Online Community

Ah, cross-browser testing. I’m not nearly as good about that as I should be - thx for the reminder!

As far as release numbers - each community is on either even or odd releases. Sounds like you are on the odd ones!

We are able to see the navigation menu in staging and the blank menu is only seen in Production after we upgraded to version 19.6.

I have also created a case with support today, hoping to hear further on this.

Cross-browser testing is definitely something we should all have as part of our usual operational plan regarding releases.

Actually you are right, we are on odds (checked email history). I was confused as it looks like we were on evens last year.


Cancer Council Online Community


I did a while back create a test script essentially a list of everything you could do, click, see on the site. Every time we did any changes we'd go through the list to check for issues.

My site is now so huge in terms of different hubs, custom applications etc etc that i found it was taking a lot of time and still we'd push with the odd bug which would only pop up after live. 

Some things that have helped me:

1. Give your super users access to stage and get them to test for any issues, this is really useful as they always find stuff that my team dont. 

2. If you can assign an owner to each segment/application on your site within your tea and get them to test the hell out of it. 

3. test test test... So I have to be honest with the mandated platform push, i don't do a massive amount of testing these days but I do check all the main points such can i still navigate, can i register and can i participate. If you can do these three anything else is likely small which you can fix after the fact. This did however bit me on the bum with the recent update to the editor which had a bug on android i didn't see as i was using an android emulator, i was being lazy

I do however complete full testing on anything we dev before pushing then again after push so we can roll back if issues, we have a couple ios, android devices which we use for testing along with different browsers which is key as i often find IE is a pain

Good luck also ive used this in the past which ive found useful for cross browser testing


Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
Community l Ideation l Blog l Product Hubs l Check & Report l Service Status 

My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy

@CarolineS wrote:

I have heard from our TAM that the blank menu issue only affects staging instances, not prod. We are going to hope that is indeed the case and move to 19.7. 

Interesting, and not sure that's accurate. I know of another community that's experiencing this issue on production. 


@CarolineS Our staging env was upgraded to 19.7 and I now see the items in the hamburger nav menu, but they're out of order. Are you seeing the same (if you've received 19.7)?


@StephenB - we did indeed get 19.7 on our staging site, but our hamburger menu is still blank. I had heard about this out-of-order issue from our TAM though - so it's a known issue on the Khoros side.


Hi @CarolineS 

We wrote some automated tests for the most important usecases such as register a new user, login/logout, post, navigate etc. to make sure that all basic functionalities are working. We run these on stage prior to every release. We do that also for most of the common browsers. With new (custom features) we continuously adopt or extend those tests. 



@MrB77 - amazing. I should get something similar sorted out. What platform / framework do you use for the automated tests?

@CarolineS We use this framework as a "test runner": The tests are written in Selenium.  We also use Browserstack for the different browser tests. 

This is a GREAT idea.  I am asking our QA team about this today.  

Being a one person team, I didn't test anything in stage and now I have a reordered hamburger menu on production. 

Luckily, I have a private community where most people 'land' in the section they want from links in our products.  Otherwise this 3 week error, would be a big issue.  

I will be trying to adopt @MrB77 testing.


@MrB77  I am a QA neophyte.  Would your Selenium scripts translate to another community?  If so, would you be so kind to share?

Hi @mhock they are client specific but could be adopted. The thing is that we do this for our customers so I can't share them but I'm happy to share some of the insights so you would be able to replicate this. There would also be an option that we build those test cases for you. Feel free to ping me if you would like to further exchange. 



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