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Regristration Analitcs

Hi everyone

We want to know  the number of new users registering to become members.  Because with this metric we want to reflects the intrigue of our community on surface level, which indicates that members think our community has something to offer them. 

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Hi @david_rosset 

Khoros has somehow 2 Analytics. 

There is Community Analytics and in the Admin you can find a tab "metrics" and "user reports" 

In Community Analytics it is possible to get some metrics on individual users by drilling down e.g. forums/boards/ and user activity by user such as visits, replies, kudos etc,. 

If you want more detailed behavior on individual users you have to use the Amin Metrics User reports. 

Here you are able to create lists e.g. sorted by username and track some behavior such as minutes is a long list

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-16 um 16.31.29.png

It is recommended to use time ranges e.g. based on registration date because it is a lot of data. 

Hope this helps



Thank you for your response! But i don't understand the steps that you are follow, however, the issue that I have now is:


net contest.png


Go to --> Admin --> Metrics --> User Reports


There choose a time range 

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-17 um 08.58.18.png

Then below you can create your own list (can also be exported as csv. )grouped by username

You can ad and remove columns as you wish

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-17 um 08.59.46.png

Does this help?





But when I want filter by community:


the User Reports options disappears :


yes this report is only possible on the community level not on deeper levels (categories, boards) 





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