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Remind users to verify email?

Our community is still small, so I like to send a welcome DM to each new user. However, lately we've had a number of users sign up but never verify their email. I cannot send a direct message unless they are verified.

I know as an admin you can click a button to verify them in their profile, but I'm not sure if there are reasons this might not be a good practice? (They didn't verify their email for some reason - unless of course that verification email went to spam and they never saw it.)

My preference would be for them to get another email/reminder to verify their email. Does this happen at all automatically, or is there any way to do this?

Thank you!

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Are you wanting to send an individual message each time someone joins or blast out to everyone? If it's the latter, one option would be to export out your membership list and email all. 

We use Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the purposes of a monthly newsletter to all members. It's a good reminder to members about all the great content they might have missed over the past month to help drag them back to the site. 

Unfortunately there's no automatic function for triggering a reminder to verify a user's email address. Our experience is that many people don't verify. Going by SFMC bounce backs, we suspect many people don't enter a legitimate email address when they register in the first instance, perhaps for privacy reasons. So there's obviously never going to be a way to contact them via email - only through messages on the site itself.




Hi @JasonHill thanks for the response! These *are* legitimate email addresses, but I worry that the verification email might be going to their spam. (Our customers are government/public sector, so they often have a bit stronger spam filters.)

Sounds like there's nothing we can do about it, unfortunately. Thank you for the response.

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