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Remove User from Superuser Program

Hi everyone, 

When you remove a user from a superuser program (for posting policy violations) do you inform the remaining participants, or not?

Our superusers have a private discussion board and will notice that one of them is no longer around there. 

What do you think about posting on the private discussion board, advising others that the removed user has "left the program, we thank them for their contributions"


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

The short answer is, 'yes, you do inform the other participants in their private board'.

However, everybody should understand why it happened.  Chances are pretty good that the SuperUser had already pushed things in the past, so perhaps the removal of this SuperUser from the program will come as no surprise.  And in all likelihood, he or she did something that was in conflict with your standard 'User Guidelines' which apply to all users.

Superuser programs should never be set up to include people in perpetuity.  Each year, a member is (re)evaluated.  It is likely that many of them will be eligible year after year, but if there are behavior issues or a lack of enthusiastic participation in the Community itself, then the Superuser should not be asked to return to the program.

But the best Superuser programs are a blend of both participation (lots of posts, kudos, etc) and personality.  One of the dirty secrets about SuperUsers is that more than a few of them have less-than-ideal bedside manners.  In the best SuperUser programs, it is not enough for a member to be incredibly knowledgeable.  A Superuser should hopefully be wearing velvet gloves when they school new members asking (basic) questions or correct other members on certain subjects.

There comes a time when SuperUsers are told they are no longer able to part of a certain program.  And when that time comes, the other SuperUsers should know that a member has lost his or her membership.  The sharing of details around why that person was removed are always at the discretion of the Community Manager.  Depending on the brand, the SuperUser program's rules, the other SuperUsers, and the context of why a particular SuperUser was removed may, or may not, be appropriate to share.

Good luck on this one, Alan.  It is almost always a tough situation.

I would just be careful about this, Alan, because if you mention why they left it could get tricky. Others may wonder what you'll say about them after they leave, and you could be seen as bashing someone after they're gone.

I guess it depends on how egregious and how public the violations were. 

Then again, being proactive can help tamp down any rumors that may start. I think you want to be slightly vague unless you have a really close relationship with the group and feel comfortable sharing.

Or just make Doug do it. 😄

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, @lolagoetz

PS - Doug does nothing around here these days. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

LOL - you two are trouble!

Khoros <3's Doug

I am not surprised to hear that about @doug_ebay - he used to make me do all the work, too. 🤣

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

@lolagoetz and @AlanA it's called delegation!

@lolagoetz are you going to the Khoros Conference in Sept?



Thank you @JakeR!

@AlanA has been teaching me how to be more direct. 


We always, and unfortunately this has happened a couple of times for us, make sure the group is informed. It is more transparent and reinforces that it is a privileged position so carries greater responsibility too (our super users can move posts, mark solutions and get double kudos). 

This is the kind of message we post;

Due to a recent incident one of our superusers, <name>, has been removed from this group.

The details of this will remain between the individual and the Community Management team, but know that this action was not taken lightly. Participation in this group, whilst earned by contributions to our community, is predicated on continued adherence to the Community Guidelines.

If there are any individual concerns, please feel free to contact me via private message.

I like that you give info without specifics, @DanK.

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

Oh, that's delegation and not shirking, @doug_ebay😂

Yes, the plan is to be at the conference. You, too? Or, you two?

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

Yes, @lolagoetz us too are going! Have tix, just need to book travel and hotel. The Head of eBay Community might be coming with us this time too.

This is awesome, @DanK! I think this is how we'll proceed with instances like this moving forward.  

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