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Remove (multiple) users from private groups

Hi everybody,

I need to remove several users from a private group due to inactivity. Is there an easier way than to screen every page of the group members for the specific names?

Kind regards


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Sadly, that is only one of two ways to get people out of a group.  The other way is not much better (removing a particular 'role' from the User...but that presumes that a role was required to participate and/or see the Group to begin with).

Historically, Khoros (on the legacy Lithium side) was always very conservative with having a 'Groups' feature for just the reason that you are talking about.  Lack of activity really detracts from any 'group' (or any 'board' for that matter).  A primal best practice that we have always tried to push for Administrators / Community Managers of our software is to 'keep it lean'.  Meaning, err on the side of having fewer groups, boards, blogs, Q&A, etc - rather than more.  If only to keep activity consolidated and lively. 

Another best practice has been to monitor closely a new board or group when it is first rolled-out so as to make sure that there is liveliness in it.  If it is not lively, or if the liveliness begins to wane, than do not be afraid to shut down the board or the group...or better yet, combine it with another lively board or group so as to consolidate activity and make it very lively.

I realize that there is no extremely keen solution to going the list you are going through, and performing the tasks you are having to perform, but hopefully the best practices I have shared above will help in the future when you or your team are considering the creation of new groups and/or boards. 

Yeah, that's the only way to do it.

Unfortunately 😞


thank you for your replies. I chose the long way and removed each user individually. Removing the role didn't seem sufficient as the users would still be displayed as a member of the group. Our community actually needs the private groups as a part of a friendly user test feedback system, that shall only be accessible for the invited users. It would be nice if one could use the search function in reverse, so not for sending invitations but for kicking certain users :). 

Kind regards


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