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Rename Tribal Knowledge Base

Hi All,

I was curious to know if it is possible to change the name of the Tribal Knowledge Base feature in the UI.  (I don't care how it is represented on the backend - I am just interested in what our members see)

So for example, based on platform standard, I have a standalone TKB with the current name "Community Tips Knowledge Base".  However, I want to change it to say "Community Tips".   In short, I want to remove the term "Knowledge Base" and replace with "Tips"

Is this possible?

Hope my question makes sense!




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@Leigh - If you have admin right, you can do this from community admin.  Below are the steps. 

1.  Go to community admin 

2. Go to Community Structure tab.

3. Look for the TKB which you want to rename and click on edit properties.


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Thanks @TariqHussain for your response!

It actually helped me better formulate my question.  

I am naming my TKB the way that I want to, however, on the TKB page, the platform automatically assigns "Knoweldgebase" to the TKB name.

So I want my TKB to be called "Tips" only. 

However, how it shows on the TKB page is "Tips Knowledgebase".  I don't want Knowledgebase in my TKB name.  I only want the name that I assign in the TKB properties.


Is this possible?



Hi Leigh,


Yes, it is possible. In my community, we use the term "documents" since Knowledge Base is a different tool on our site.

You can achieve this by editing the various associated text keys (there's a lot) in Studio.


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Thank you!

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