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Replies to Abuse Reports

What's the expected functionality of the replies in Abuse Reports?

I've tested this feature on our Community:

  1. As a regular user, flagged a post as abuse
  2. As a moderator, viewed the abuse report
  3. As a moderator, replied to the abuse report

The regular user didn't receive a notification either in Lithium or via email that a reply on the report was made.

What's the purpose of the reply function?

Is there supposed to be a way for moderators to reach out to users to respond to these reports?

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Hi @deads - are you referring to the topics that are generated for abuse reports?

If so, personally we never touch these as our abuse reports generate tickets in our support system.

However, we do utilize the abuse report private messages that are generated. We reply to these when we need to notify the reporter that we have taken action or any other follow-up that we may have. We usually change the subject title though, as it is not user friendly.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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The way we utilised these was that moderators replied to the abuse report to document the action they took and why.

Notification to users was a separate task that was undertaken based on the type of abuse report and is done via PM.

Another option for notifying users of actions taken is to enable Reason Notifications. This can only be used when moving, deleting, or editing posts though.



Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
Connect on LinkedIn

Thanks much! We don't have PMs enabled currently, which looks like it would be beneficial in this case. This really helps clear things up!

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