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Reply editor of the new Private Messenger

Hi there,

we have just launched the new messenger in our community. The users are happy with it but there is one thing they complain about it: the size of the reply editor. Is there any chance to switch to the normal sized editor which is shown when you compose complete new message?


Kind regards


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@SohilM heads up on the feedback and wondering if we're tracking this elsewhere? 

Khoros Product Team
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thanks @RayC . Yes, we are tracking the feedback. 

@CKummer Thanks for the feedback and great to know that users in your community are happy about it.  

Hey @SohilM yes. It looks nice. But as I said, the there is one thing they complain about, that's the very tiny editor when the want to respond. Is it possible to open a normal sized editor like it's possible in outlook? Otherwise that would be my change request for a future version :). 

I actually received the same feedback about too low height of the editor for the inline reply editor as well as the PM v3 reply editor. I'm having a hard time fixing this in my styling so would appreciate if this would be addressed in the Khoros platform base.

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thanks @Claudius @CKummer, we will look into this if it can be incorporated in the core community itself. 

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