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Report Definitions

Is there a place where I can fine the definitions for the reports headers? The headers that I am trying to determine the definitions for are:

  • Closed - Blacklist Match

    Closed - Custom

    Closed - Merged

    Median TAR (min)

    Closed - Unknown Disposition

    Closed - Won't Respond

Thank you. EJackson

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All the ones listed as Closed are the close reasons (dispositions) that agents can use when closing a post as no longer requiring a response. I expect Unknown is a previously deleted on, not sure.

Median TAR; The median Time to Agent Response for each TAR-able response posted to the social network by the agent during the given period.

A list of all metrics was published recently as they are changing/have changed depending on if your business has requested the changes be enabled.

Thank you for your follow-up.

Why sometimes closed and responses are different number from handled cases when analyzing Work Team Performance? What is the difference between them in the Analytics? Please help 


What does handled exactly mean? help.png

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