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Report for viewing certain rank or role activity over time?

We want to evaluate the activity over time of users who fall in a certain role or rank. We don't necessarily need to see each individual user's information that falls into the role/rank, but we want to see the group as a hole. Is this possible? The reports I've looked at in the Admin > Metrics > User Reports don't really fit what I need.


Thank you!


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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You will need to use User Reports for this purpose, and aggregate the data each time you run the report. Then you'll be able to see over time the activity of the various groups of ranks. Shouldn't be difficult. 


If you want more of a hand, let us know what specific info you are after.


Good luck,




Thanks for the reply, Jason. This is what I was planning to do, but I was hoping there was some aggregated data already available. 🙂 This will work though.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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The data you want *might* be in LSI - if you choose Members, Filter by rank required, you can get an overview of minutes online?
Then divide by the number who have that rank, and hey presto! Avg user online time per user per rank!

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