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Request moderator assistance


If another user "request moderator assistance" or flags a post to moderators, that has already been flagged, does it show up as a NEW escalation or just a comment on the previous post? Thank you!

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Khoros Staff

@Finney0225 To make sure, are you referring to the "Report Inappropriate Content" link that users can use to flag content to moderators?  If a post is reported that way, it will appear as an entirely new abuse report, not as a comment to the existing abuse report.

That being said, the behavior in our upcoming upgrade "Aurora" is different.  It won't create a new report and instead, will increment a "Report count" metric on the report.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

Yes- ReportInappropriate Content.

Interesting. We received a new comment on a report that was escalated, but 1) i have new comments blocked 2) its (suppose) to be a private/hidden board and 3) the comment seemed to almost be as if the user was reporting the same post....? confused now lol 


PS yay for Aurora 

Khoros Staff

Can you send me a DM with a picture of that report?  I'd love to take a deeper look.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

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