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Required Pre-Defined Labels - how to move topics and delete label?


We are piloting the use of required pre-defined labels to gather learnings before expanding across our entire community. However, we are seeing some impacts and challenges with moderation activities, specifically when we need to move a topic to the correct board:


  • If a post was incorrectly posted in the pilot board a user was forced to choose one of the pre-defined labels
  • You cannot move a post to the correct board and then edit/remove the label as the new destination board does not have required pre-defined labels 
  • You also cannot remove the label before moving to the correct destination board as you would edit the post within the original board to remove the label. However, this board does not allow you to repost without having a label assigned

It seems that there has to be a way to move a topic to the correct board and remove the label. Are we missing something here?



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@jmuzzana  - I believe you are not missing anything, This feature seems to be missing. There could be a workaround which might help you with this challenge. 

1. Create a private board and add the same labels which are present on the original board and destination board. 

2. Change the required labels setting of a private board so you can edit any topic without assigning a new label.  

Now if you want to move any topic to destination board it should go to private board first where you can remove the label you want and then can move to destination board. 


I hope this would be helpful for the time being. 



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Thanks so much @TariqHussain!

I was hoping I was missing something here, but thanks for the confirmation. It does seem that this basic feature is missing, unfortunately.

Thank you for the workaround suggestion! That had not occurred to me. We will evaluate this approach. 

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