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Response, Community & rich text


I run a community and we use Response to send posts. A common problem we're seeing is when agents type out their responses outside of the console (Word etc) and then paste into Response. A straight C+P usually throws up a formatting error. Sometimes we'll cut & paste back as plain text and it'll still throw the error - it's almost like some HTML tags are being left behind.

We do advise to right-click and use 'Paste as plain text', or maybe C+P to Notepad first and then out again to the console to strip formatting. It doesn't happen with Twitter or Facebook, as these strip out the formatting, just curious as to why Community doesn't.

So, just wondering if:

  1. This is a common problem (if not then we'll have to get it looked into)
  2. There are any more effective workarounds?

Thanks 🙂

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@Kev_B - This is a common issue which restricts some HTML from being processed. However, you can try to change permissions related to HTML (only for your team) and see on stage if this fixes the problem. More details here.


I hope this helps.

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Good on you, for at least having a workaround, and looking for more.

However, if you have not already reported this to Khoros Support, you should.  I would consider this a bug.  There may be perfectly explainable (good?) reasons for why this is the way it is, but it is still an inconvenience for you and your team, and it really should not be the behavior of the platform.

Hi @VarunGrazitti - is this suggestion solely in the community platform? Or will it influence how Response works? The trouble is the text box in Response throwing an error, it never quite gets as far as community.

@JakeR thanks, I'll try that route since it's doesn't sound like something that lots of people are struggling with.

@Kev_B - Only for the community.

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

Recent Ideas: Advanced Private Messages | Rewarding Module | Badges for Threads

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