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Response time to community posts - what is your target?

Hi all,


We are trying to benchmark response times, within forums, for other SaaS companies. For example, a user posts a question in a forum. No one within the community answers. Do you or your moderators step in and answer? Do you have an escalation notification? Is it the same as the industry standard of 24 hours?


Thank you!


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@EmDunn:  Kindly check this Article. Hope it will resolve your concern


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Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra

Hi Abhishek,

Appreciate the quick response. We already have the escalations established. I'm looking for best practices around response times or shorter escalations, from other Lithium customers.


I think it really varies based on your industry, goals for community, prior expectations etc.

I run a support community for a mobile phone provider. We give the community 12 hours to respond, then it goes to the support queue to be answered by an agent.


We have varying escalation points that trigger staff involvement. Currently we have the following escalation times;

- immediate; for boards that have high volumes of account specific questions that require agent input and the community members usually cannot assist
- 2 hours; for boards/categories that have high volumes of time dependent questions that can be answered by community or agents
- 8 hours; for boards/categories that often require agent input but are not time dependent
- 36 hours; everything else

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